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Laura S., Montgomery, AL

Perry R., Rockport, TX

Craig D., Woodland Hills, CA

Jack S, Escondido, CA

I use Aromax Muscle Relief Gel daily on all my problem areas: neck, shoulders, back, knees and feet - it works wonders! It dries so fast and isn’t at all greasy. I like to massage it in a couple of times for really long-lasting relief. It smells so clean and refreshing, and it really clears my head and sinuses too.

Tara W, Los Angeles, CA

I have to tell you, I just used the muscle relief gel because I was experiencing some soreness in my neck and shoulders, and it was AMAZING! I’ve never felt something work so quickly, and it actually smelled good! I’m a fan!

Lisa W,
Columbus, OH

Aromax Muscle Relief Gel has replaced about a half-dozen products in our family’s medicine cabinet. We love that it is natural, absorbs well, doesn’t sting or have strong vapors, and it doesn’t have that offensive medicinal smell. Our kids love it too!

Charles C, Indio, CA

I have diabetes and arthritis, and I recently discovered Aromax. I am amazed at how well this product works for me. I could barely flex my wrists and hands before, and now I plan on playing golf again!

I use it constantly and even keep a tube in each of my cars so I can use it throughout the day. I am so grateful to the creators of Aromax for this wonderful product.

Claire S, Redlands, CA

I am a fan of Aromax! My forearms were sore last night so I applied some of your product and it is everything you describe. It melts into your skin, has a pleasing aroma, soothes the muscles, and my skin is noticeably smoother and hydrated. My daughter has very sensitive skin and we can’t use regular lotion because the alcohol leaves her more irritated than relieved. You have a great product on so many levels. 

Suzanne R, Corona, CA

I’m on the computer all day, and I was starting to feel a lot of major muscle tension and fatigue in my neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. I rub on Aromax before I start work, and I take ‘Aromax breaks’ throughout the day. I can’t believe how much it helps me. This product is a miracle!

Alannah R,
Desesrt Hot Springs, CA

I have used Aromax for 16 years for immediate relief from the troubling concerns that affect seniors like myself. I am 78 and buy Aromax by the gallon for arthritic pain relief, as an overall body and face moisturizer, and to use instead of antibiotic (ointment) for minor skin injuries.

Carrol G, Nashville, TN

I was having surgery; I used the Aromax Gel before and after and I couldn’t believe how much it helped me. The lavender aroma is lovely and really helps me relax. Thanks so much for a great product!

Bob and Cathy N,
Sherman Oaks, CA

Please send us two more tubes of Aromax Gel - we are addicted to it! We use it for everything – sore muscles, dry skin, bug bites, too many hours in the sun. We take it on camping trips, to the beach, everywhere. Awesome product – thanks so much!

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